Bombogenesis? Frazil? Haboob?

Those “weather” words (check out this link at are a bit esoteric, but there are plenty more ordinary words related to weather that can make terrific writing prompts.

For example:

  • Describe your first memory of snow.
  • Describe your first memory of hot chocolate.
  • Tell the story of the woman who lived in Seattle but yearned for a desert.
  • Explain to a Man From Mars about the smell of autumn leaves.
  • Write a letter to Summer, asking it to visit you soon.
  • Write a letter to the other seasons, asking whatever you want.
  • Make a prayer for rain.
  • Conjure fire on the mountain.
  • Tell us about thunder and lightning and that kiss.
  • Explain the allure of a lukewarm pond on a blistering hot day.
  • Make a list of reasons you like Spring.
  • Describe – in slow motion – fog moving in through the Golden Gate.
  • Use the first sentence of a daily forecast as the beginning of a story.

And so forth and so on. There are writing prompts everywhere. And with everyone talking about the weather, why not use some of those words?

Photo Credit: Jandre van der Walt 

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