“Imagination, like intellectualization, is put away when it has done its job. The imaginative vision provides a palette of possibilities, which are then actualized in a state of presence, and ironically, with the willingness to let go of the expectations of the vision. To paraphrase my Zen teacher, there’s nothing wrong with imagination, so long as it hasn’t got you by the nose.”

These are wise words from Donna Quesada. I found them in an excerpt featured on Lion’sRoar.com from her book The Buddha in the Classroom: Zen Wisdom to Inspire Teachers. Read more here: One Thing At A Time.

I believe that presence and mindfulness (which allow us to release inhibiting ideas and expectations) are essential to clear and captivating writing. My work as a teacher is all about guiding writers toward that fruitful balance that comes from simultaneously tuning in and letting go.

At the end of March, my dharma buddy and teaching partner Laurie Senauke and I are leading a rare weekend of Wild Heart Writing at Green Gulch Farm. Take time out to nurture your creative soul and join us around the woodstove and the writing table.

Spaces will fill quickly. Click here for registration information.


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