“The world needs that special gift that only you have.”

That’s the tagline for Marie Forleo’s website, which is devoted to “sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create, well, anything.”

I regularly tune into Marie TV, featuring free weekly videos that inspire creativity and entrepreneurship. Her little “talks” always lift my spirits and give me some fresh encouragement for the day. Sometimes her words resonate with a challenge I’m having at work. Sometimes their impact is more personal. There’s always something beneficial.

Highly recommended.

Here’s her post about overcoming writing blocks. There’s also a class on Wednesday, October 10, that goes along with these tips. It’s free. Which ain’t half bad. Check it out!

Photo Credit: Chris Moore 

I lead writing workshops in the Bay Area, and spend much of my so-called free time writing. To support my avocation (and my family) I sell residential real estate in San Francisco; for more about that visit RealEstateTherapy.org or CynthiaCummins.com.