I’m happy to announce that Laurie Senauke and I are facilitating an intimate weekend of writing at Green Gulch Farm in Marin County at the end of March.

Participants will stay in the beautiful Lindisfarne Guest House, a two-story Japanese-style retreat house that is cozy, inspiring and peaceful. We’ll have this amazing space all to ourselves, while enjoying all the beauty that Green Gulch Farm offers. (And it’s less than an hour away from San Francisco!)

Room at the table and in the guest house is limited, so register soon.

You’ll not want to miss what one student described as follows: “This is a wonderful retreat for anyone who is interested in Zen, writing, or just deepening their experience as a human…it welcomes all of our internal voices – not just the intellectual, pious and earnest ones, but also all the others that we shush and try to deny most of the time.”

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