These haikus are mine, written during a workshop I led during a writing game I call “Speed Haiku.” The name of the game says it all but – specifically – objects are passed around the writing circle from person to person and the writers have about 60 seconds to write a haiku about each object. One after another without breaks. Here are half a dozen of mine, unedited, from 2016.

1. Apple

by my bedside
a juicy red ripe apple
no teethmarks yet

2. Masking Tape

standing by my house
no roll of masking tape
will patch your broken heart

3. Granny Smith

Chinese produce stand
Granny Smith apples piled up
Knock one off!

4. Earl Grey

5:30 outside the zendo
a hot cup of Earl Grey
sliver of moon setting

5. Grapefruit

Here is a crate of grapefruit
only a few gone green
cold grey February Monday

6. Flowers

sticky stems in my hand
the blooms leaching life
too late not to pick them

Photo Credit: DDP

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