“You create an atmosphere that makes it like a calming but stimulating time-out, where everyone feels safe and free to be themselves.”

“Deep, challenging, intriguing, comforting, supportive.”

“Better than anticipated. And who ever says that!?”

“I loved every minute of your workshop…It totally invigorated me, and inspired me to keep writing – something, anything – every day.”

“You are so open, it gives us the willingness to do the same. I am a very private person so this is unusual for me!”

“I had felt an aching to write but…had not really written anything outside of the occasional journal entry, and lots and lots of material for work, in 10+ years. I left the workshop feeling empowered!”

…I think about my friends, and especially you, an unsung heroine in my life, who has taught me how to read and write, to open my eyes, my mind and my heart, to look, listen, feel and explore not only the internal and external world but also the one far beyond. You have greatly enriched my life.”

“…I was walking over with a bad case of nasty rats stampeding around my brain, and all my usual self-help resources seemed defunct. Once I started writing, though, the rats went away and have stayed away. There are some small personal miracles happening regularly in that room, thanks to you.”

“Thank you for the permission to delve deeply into the darkness. For giving a safe place…to be vulnerable, take a risk, be truly who we are…”

“The non-judgmental, supportive listening to our ‘work’ was transformational for me…thanks…for the incredible good fortune of having the opportunity to meet you, be in the class, and for your role in awakening a part of me that seems worthwhile and important to explore.”

“…Explore your writing in a wild and self-loving way…I can’t recommend this workshop enough. Give yourself a treat! I attended two years ago and am still reaping the benefits.”

“Authentic, connecting, creative, bonding, fun!”

“I appreciated…the variety of exercises; your imagination, vulnerability and simultaneous ability to maintain control of the space and keep us on track; your encouragement and your sense of humor. It was an unforgettable experience.”

“…it is more than just writing. You have inspired me in many different ways.”

“Fun, weird, scary, heartful, surprising!”

“Cynthia…cultivated a safe, sharing environment that fostered truly free writing. In our temporary, trusting community we were able to explore writing, explore ourselves and stumble upon some amazing surprises…”

“… the opportunity to explore the boundaries and go beyond all the limitations built up early on and for decades. An opportunity to spend time beyond the comfort of my idea of who I am.”

“Writing in community. Inspiration from others. Having fun together.”

“Cynthia is engaging, energetic and inspiring. I appreciate her passion for helping others find who they are and what value they have. Thanks for showing us how to be free in this sometimes overwhelming environment!”

“An atmosphere of openness and acceptance: I could write what I wanted.”

“So enjoyable. Time stood still.”

“Such a rich and wonderful experience…full of hidden surprises…It produced work that was livelier and more powerful than anything I’ve ever written.”

“An atmosphere of great acceptance.”

“…a wonderful retreat for anyone who is interested in Zen, writing, or just deepening their experience as a human. I love the way this retreat welcomes all of our internal voices – not just the intellectual, pious and earnest ones, but also all the others that we shush and try to deny most of the time.”

“Thank you, Cynthia, for being so present and charming and for giving us the inner smile that radiates and makes us aware of ourselves and our fullness!”

“You put people at ease and you think outside the box. Very creative!”