Okay. I obviously procrastinated on posting about this workshop that happens oh-so-very soon – on Tuesday, Dec. 5. But it’s not too late to sign up.

Stop Waiting. Start Writing. is a FREE online one-hour class led by super inspirational Alexandra Franzen. I had the good luck to study with Alexandra a few years ago through Laurie Wagner at 27Powers. That one-day intensive changed my life. Seriously.

Together with Susan Hyatt, Alexandra promises to help you learn:

  • How to set small, sane, realistic writing goals that you can actually achieve.
  • How to make writing more fun, rather than feeling like another stressful to-do on your list.
  • How to determine when a piece of writing is “done” and “good enough to be shared,” so you don’t fiddle with it for 5,000 hours and stall forever.

Set aside just this ONE hour and you can thank me later!

I lead writing and mindfulness workshops throughout the Bay Area. My approach is adaptable in many settings — from helping groups honor an important life event to assisting a business team in articulating a shared vision. Contact me to learn more. For information on my San Francisco real estate practice, visit RealEstateTherapy.org or CynthiaCummins.com.