I’d like to get a thesaurus to
Expand my world of words
Delve more deeply into the nuances of
The moment
Develop my prowess for
Selecting exactly the right word
Descriptive, colorful
Appealing to the senses
Aiming to delineate experience
With truth
With feeling
Stroll is a particular kind of walk
Luminous more evocative than lighted
Smoldering connotes intense anger for me
Ingenuous adds a touch of creativity to just being smart
Loiter is more telling than wait
Moan captures sound and depth compared to the simpler cry
Lean lanky lithe slender slim skinny thin emaciated….
Which one captures
the meaning
The sound
The mood
I want to
At the moment
I don’t know
Playing with language,
I get to decide
And when I do,
What I
Mean to say…..
What I mean to say is….

Carole often writes poems on her mobile phone. She gave me permission to share this, so long as I mentioned that she is one of the people I inspired to write! (Let it be noted that SHE inspires ME to write.)