If you haven’t read anything by Margaret Atwood, you should. (And you might want to do it before watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu or Alias Grace on Netflix.)
And if you’re looking for inspiration for writing, look no further than Atwood, who has been interviewed widely (especially of late) and who is very generous with ideas and advice. She has a refreshing and relaxed yet diligent approach to the work.
Like this encouraging tidbit from an interview in The Telegraph: “If you’re waiting for the perfect moment you’ll never write a thing because it will never arrive. I have no routine. I have no foolproof anything. There’s nothing foolproof.”
Or this from The Guardian in 2013: “If you have a job in the daytime, you write at night. It’s all a question of how much you want to do it. You don’t want to do it, then throw it out the window. Make your choice. Stop whining about it and filling up copy in magazines with your guilt. Sorry to sound so pragmatic. How dirty it is under your bed is your business, not anyone else’s.”
For more of Atwood’s writing advice, check out this roundup from Standout Books: 6 Ways Margaret Atwood Can Help You Improve Your Writing.


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