“This is a wonderful retreat for anyone who is interested in Zen, writing, or just deepening their experience as a human. I love the way this retreat welcomes all of our internal voices – not just the intellectual, pious and earnest ones, but also all the others that we shush and try to deny most of the time.”

That’s one of dozens of testimonials for the workshops I lead (with Laurie Senauke) on writing and mindfulness through San Francisco Zen Center.

Already, it’s time to sign up for our popular springtime weekend at Green Gulch Farm. It’s an enriching opportunity for self reflection, renewal and community – made all the more enchanting as we have accommodations in the restful sanctuary of the octagonal Lindisfarne Guesthouse at GGF.

Last year, seats at the table sold out quickly. So please register soon!

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

I lead writing workshops in the Bay Area, and spend much of my so-called free time writing. To support my avocation (and my family) I sell residential real estate in San Francisco; for more about that visit RealEstateTherapy.org