“Time stood still.”

 “Full of hidden surprises.”

 “A safe place…to be vulnerable, take a risk, be truly who we are…”

 “Better than anticipated, and who ever says that?”

 “Still reaping the benefits.”

You may recognize these sentiments from reviews of our annual Tassajara retreat if you’ve previously worked with me and Laurie Senauke.

A few seats remain for our 2019 women-only workshop (July 7 to 11) and we’d love you to join us. Or perhaps you know someone who would benefit from a week of blissful Zen immersion? The only trouble is they don’t know it yet! They’re waiting for the gift of your suggestion.

Details are here. See you in July!

Photo Credit: Motoki Tonn 

I lead writing and mindfulness workshops throughout the Bay Area. My approach is adaptable in many settings — from helping groups honor an important life event to assisting a business team in articulating a shared vision. Contact me to learn more. For information on my San Francisco real estate practice, visit my real estate blog, RealEstateTherapy.org or my business website, KindredSFhomes.com.