Anxiousness runs in my family. You might say anxiety is actually a member of our family.

Anxiety shows up for every sort of occasion, for no good reason, without invitation and exactly when you most wish he would go get lost somewhere.

I have all sorts of tools in my belt for handling him. Breathing techniques. Mantras. Cognitive behavioral therapy tricks. Calming yoga poses. Memories of past successes in banishing Anxiety from my proverbial house.

I’m sharing a favorite modality I’d like to think I personally discovered.

Sit down, get cozy and read children’s picture books to yourself. Mother Goose. Dr. Seuss. Goodnight Moon. Beatrix Potter. Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows. Goodnight Gorilla. The simpler, the more traditional, the better. Illustrations! Rhyme! Nonsense!

Highly, highly recommended. Calming. Entertaining. Even if you’re not trying to deal with Anxiety. Maybe just because it’s a joy.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt 

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