I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Laurie Wagner and her 27 Powers are the bomb when it comes to getting your writing on. She’s the most gifted, giving, inspiring teacher I know. So you can’t go wrong with any of her many offerings.

For you who live in the Bay Area (or are willing to travel here for a good reason), I heartily recommend the upcoming workshop she’s leading with Sonya Lea. It’s called Dismantling The Nice Girl: A Weekend of Fierce and True Writing.

Laurie writes, “This weekend is about interrogating what we are afraid to write about, how we can write our truth and risk exposure, how to say the things that demand to be said…”

We all want to hear what YOU want to say, so if you’re feeling at all inhibited about going to those places in your writing that might feel raw and ugly, this is the workshop for you! Check it out and register soon as it is coming right up October 27 and 28 in Alameda, California.

Photo Credit: Steinar Engeland 

I lead writing workshops in the Bay Area, and spend much of my so-called free time writing. To support my avocation (and my family) I sell residential real estate in San Francisco; for more about that visit RealEstateTherapy.org or CynthiaCummins.com.