This is something I wrote during a timed write in a workshop I led. I don’t remember exactly what the prompt was.

High school graduation. Aunt Bobbie gave me a blue Smith Corona typewriter. Electric. It fit neatly in its case and weighed about 50 pounds even though it was a so-called “portable.”

And port it, I did! To West Virginia University in Morgantown. Morgantown of my second big love Michael Saslowsky, of red-eyes (beer and tomato juice), and of weak marijuana you could smoke for bong after bong and still do your essay for Shakespeare class.

Then later to Idaho, where I typed and wrote for a newspaper and wondered if I’d ever actually make something of my life. To San Francisco where I still wondered if I was going to make something of my life.

I don’t remember ditching it. It happened somewhere between my work as a non-profit “communications director” and as a real estate agent. An Apple IIe came along.

Where did the blue electric Smith Corona go? Where is it now?

Photo Credit: Nirzar Pangarkar

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