“To follow Story is to understand the path of healing. Each of our stories is a universe. Each one of us is living a story. To discover its shape and essence is essential to soul making.” ~ Deena Metzger

If you are a writer – or someone who wants to write – and you don’t know Deena Metzger, check out her website here. Although to say “check out her website” seems too light a turn of phrase. “Kneel down, prepare to listen, partake of her knowledge” is more like it.

I’ve had the good luck to study with her twice (all too briefly) in weekend workshops, and her book, Writing for Your Life: A Guide and Companion to the Inner Worlds, is my writing bible.

Give yourself a treat and delve into the wisdom of her words for 2019. Better still, sign up for a workshop, class or in-person appointment.

Photo Credit: Jessica Shokrian

I lead writing workshops in the Bay Area, and spend much of my so-called free time writing. To support my avocation (and my family) I sell residential real estate in San Francisco; for more about that visit RealEstateTherapy.org